Tramway Gallery, live performance with Paul Purgas and Nabihah Iqbal 

a live improvisational show closing Purgas' solo exhibition ‘We Found Our Own Reality’, an installation that brings together architecture, textiles and sound to explore India’s first electronic music studio, founded in 1969 at the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India 

from the Tramways write up: “a central part of the exhibition is a new soundwork, developed from a collection of unheard recordings by five previously unrecognised Indian electronic composers Jinraj Joshipura, Gita Sarabhai, I.S. Mathur, Atul Desai and S.C. Sharma. The tape experiments and compositions were created in the electronic music studio between 1969-1972, and initiated by New York composer David Tudor, who visited and personally installed and configured the studios core components – including a customised Moog modular synthesiser and two tape machines.

Purgas discovered the recordings within the NID archive after a period of detailed research that subsequently involved the careful restoration and digitisation of the material. The recordings have been transposed by Purgas to form the basis of a new composition that interweaves broader aspects of the archive, including spoken word, tape collages, field recordings, sound effects and film soundtracks.